Listening to American students break down over how badly school systems have failed them this past year has dredged up a lot of memories I’d prefer to forget. Because I can’t, I might as well put them to good use.

Public school failed me. I want to clarify that not every teacher or staff member I interacted with was terrible. In fact, the few good teachers I did encounter over 13 years of public education were truly righteous women and men. My grandmother-in-law at 89 still dreams of how she could improve her teaching skills, she loved her job so…

The Twitter battle over ACB’s work-life balance begs the question: Is it time to stop hiding “mother” from our resume?

In the book of Judges we are introduced to Deborah as the “wife of Lapidot”. Such is Lapidot’s entire role in the story of one of Israel’s most infamous prophetesses who, equal parts mystic and warrior, “arises like a mother” to conquer a foreign army on behalf of her people. We do not know if Deborah is an actual mother, and, if she is, we can only presume Lapidot is hard at work at home tending to the brood. These…

How America views my choice to raise my kids my way.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a fair share of low blow comments since becoming a mother. This includes my brother-in-law commenting, “Well, whatever you do, just don’t homeschool your kid,” when my first son was in his fourth month of gestation in my womb. The well known truth of motherhood is that from the minute you announce your pregnancy you leave yourself open to all forms of commentary about your motherhood. This commentary ranges from well-wishes to nagging advice. …

Over the past few days a lot of people have been telling me to “calm down”. Actually, not a lot of people. Just grandparents. The grandparents of my children. All four of them to be precise. And it’s really getting on my nerves.

The thing of it is, I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposedly so uptight about. I’m rather even-keel, even pleasant given my status as a stay at home mother to two rambunctious, bossy boys ages 4 and 1. With a husband travelling for work this past week I was especially kind to grandparents who offered to help…

We’ve created a society of smothered children and self-appointed nannies

For leaving her four year old waiting in a locked car on a cool day for five minutes, writer Kim Brooks was required to perform 100 hours of community service, bargained down from possible jail time. Her crime: “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

Her four-year-old, for the record, spent his “delinquent” time playing a game quietly in the backseat of the car in a mellow suburban neighborhood before smiling happily at his mother upon her rapid return. Quite delinquent, indeed.

The woman in another car, a stranger to both Brooks and her son, was not charged for recording…

If the “Gender Wars” are even real, that is

Is the “Gender War” real? The New York Times doesn’t think so, or at least their opinion writer David Brooks doesn’t. To him, the gender gap is closing rapidly. Millennial women, despite asserting a stronger sense of victimhood in the workplace than ever before, are achieving gender parity at work and are thus primed to return home. And Millennial men are okay with all of this.

Brooks cites statistics in his favor; 58% of Millennials “…believe that the best home is the one where the man is the outside “achiever” and the working woman is the primary caregiver.” Following the…

For the sake of impotently railing against D.C., Americans are abandoning their immediate needs and problems.

“All politics is local.”

It’s a phrase coined by former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, a speaker so former that most millennials have no idea who he was. Nor do they understand that their woeful lack of knowledge of and participation in local politics would cause the former leader to roll in his grave.

The problem isn’t just a lack of attention being paid to local school boards and city councils. The lack of civics courses in public schools, a dwindling local newspaper…

I don’t need my son to play with dolls in order to feel like my maternal attributes are valuable

Want to understand everything wrong with “gender-neutrality” in parenting today? Look no further than Elissa Strauss’s commentary on gender norms at CNN.

“Today, there’s not a single traditionally masculine thing a girl can do that would raise eyebrows.” The author cites short hair, sports teams, STEM and playing superheroes as the defining markers of masculine behavior. What she fails to note are that women who take on traditionally masculine roles into adulthood do wind up being judged, and rather harshly I might add, by their own biology.

The majority of women who choose to prioritize career over motherhood wrestle with…

Whether we’re attending a holy service or anticipating baby’s arrival, we’re really waiting for God to show up.

Whether we’re attending a holy service or anticipating baby’s arrival, we’re really waiting for God to show up.

I just sat down after a long day of nesting. They say your nesting instinct kicks in during your second trimester while you have the energy to do the cleaning, the cooking, the shopping and the all-around preparing for your baby’s arrival. For my first this was true. Now, for my second, the instincts have taken on the kind of last-minute feeling an experienced performer gets two minutes before they walk into the limelight. I know what meals to make and freeze…

To predict your community’s level of violent crime, check the number of single-parent households.

The statistical reality — of which experts are more than fully aware — is that fatherlessness plays a huge role in school shootings, along with crime and incarceration rates. But, most mainstream media outlets don’t have the guts to confront these statistics? Why? Because they don’t want to anger their female viewership, let alone rock the boat when it comes to the popular narrative that women can have it all and do it all — including motherhood — all by themselves.

The same day I asked,

I catch the following headline from CafeMom:

The “blessing in disguise” for the majority…


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